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Twenty-five years ago mothers generally accepted the post-pregnancy loose skin and bulge of their tummy along with drooping and often empty breasts. The ‘matronly’ look was not necessarily liked, but women put up with it as a consequence of having children. Nowadays, more and more women are choosing to have their post-pregnancy bodies restored as close as possible to how they used to be.  The demand for a tummy tuck to give a tighter, flatter, more shapely tummy and breast lift, augmentation or reduction has increased dramatically. With the improvement in anaesthetic techniques these procedures can often be performed during the one operation, minimising downtime and cost.


As we get older, we may still feel young inside but our ageing faces are not an accurate representation of how we feel. Rejuvenation of the face and neck can restore the balance, putting you back to how you used to be several years previously.  The results are permanent for even though we continue to age, we will always look younger than if we had not had a procedure.



Tummy Tuck at 4 months after weightloss

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