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I can often tell how a patient feels about their recent procedure when I greet them in the reception area. Irrespective of whether they have had an abdominoplasty, breast reduction, breast augmentation or liposuction, it’s their face that gives them away. Happy patients are often glowing.

This week I saw a lady in her 60’s who had recently undergone liposuction to her outer and inner thighs. She was an ideal candidate for she wasn’t overweight; she just had bulges that were resistant to diet and exercise. She had been considering liposuction for years, but kept putting it off.

She was now in a new relationship and thought she should finally do something about it.

The operation was uneventful, performed as a day patient and I was reviewing her 6 weeks after her procedure.

She looked fabulous. Her hair was done differently, her make-up perfect, her outfit immaculate. She was so happy because she could now wear jeans or trousers without needing to cover up the bulges. When asked, what this meant to her, she said, “I’d thought about this for ages and for whatever reason, kept putting it off, but I absolutely know, it’s never too late.”

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