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Recently I was speaking with a mother, 8 months after her mummy makeover (breast reduction/lift and tummy tuck). She was so happy. She told me she was loving her increase in confidence, wearing her dream bikini and because she was able to do sit ups, her shape was continuing to improve.

This is so gratifying to hear because as always, I love making a difference in a person’s life.

However, she then said something very curious. “I have lost some friends as a result of this operation!”

I was shocked.

She went on, “I wondered if this was just me, but I asked some other ladies on my tummy tuck Facebook group and there were half a dozen who had had a similar experience.”

It seems the increase in confidence is not appreciated by all who would previously have been considered friends. My patient felt they were jealous of her new look and the way she felt about herself

Whilst she felt sad that they did not want to share in her joy, she was moving on and expanding her group of friends.

When considering cosmetic surgery, it is important to consider all possible outcomes. Whilst surgical complications are uncommon they need to be taken into account. Given my patient’s experience, the social ramifications also need to be considered.

However, as so many of my patients would attest, the difference cosmetic surgery can make in a person’s life can be transformational and it is why I continue to love what I do.

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