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There is a commonly held myth, particularly among men, that women want to have cosmetic surgery so they will be more attractive to men. Whilst this may be a side benefit for some women, rarely is it the main reason for women choosing to enhance, correct or rejuvenate their body.

For 27 years now, I have heard women consistently say, “I want to be able to buy and wear the clothes that I want!”

When women wear clothes they know fit well, when they fill them out and they KNOW they look good, they feel good. Sometimes their joy comes from wearing their old clothes and filling them out for the first time. Sometimes, their joy comes from buying clothes they could never have considered before surgery. Sometimes it is buying a nice bra that fits them well. Sometimes it is being able to wear a backless, strapless dress without a bra.

When a woman feels good, she feels more confident, she feels more feminine, she feels more sexy.

Recently, one of my patients, who had just had a breast augmentation, said it best. “My husband doesn’t get it! He thinks it is about him and wants to get to naked as quick as possible. I however like to spend more time in my bra and panties, then I am happy to get naked!”

Sorry guys! Women do it for themselves. However, if you support them in their decisions, you may even get to benefit as well.

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