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When seeing a female patient for the first time, I will explain that my aim is for her to have a fabulous result. I want her to be happy and the most important thing is firstly for me to be clear on what it is she wants. The clearer I become, the more likely I will be confident of providing this for her, or if not, I will find someone who I believe can. I then ask her to describe for me her ‘ideal outcome’.

Most women know precisely what they want though they may not have articulated it. Usually her ideal outcome is buy and wear the clothes she wants and know she looks good. Women often wear clothes to disguise the areas they don’t like rather than showing off areas they do like. Mothers, for instance, often wear baggy tops to cover over their hated ‘mummy tummy’. Instead, they want to wear fitted clothes and feel comfortable showing off their curves.

When I ask what that will give them, the overwhelming reply is…. confidence.

The accompanying before and after photographs of one of my patients who recently had a tummy tuck illustrate this perfectly. She can now wear more fitted outfits and the difference in her appearance and demeanour is striking.

Confident women feel more feminine and sexy…. and everybody around them benefits.

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