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Which woman would want to take fat from an unwanted area of the body and transfer it to her breasts? LOL. If you answered ‘every woman’ you are just about right!

I have been performing fat transfer from one area of the body to other areas for most of my practice life. Using liposuction to remove fat then transferring it to the face or body is a common thing to do. However, until recently, plastic surgeons have been restricted by our medical insurers from transferring fat to the breasts.

Just a few weeks ago, this restriction was lifted for me and I have wasted no time in using the added flexibility that fat transfer to the breasts has provided.

To offer an increase in breast size, without using an implant has enormous advantages. Currently fat transfer can only increase size by just over a cup, but for many women this is ideal, particularly as we are using their own tissue. Fat can also be used when removing old implants (rather than replacing with new implants) or at the same time as implants to increase upper pole fullness and cleavage.

When a mother has a breast reduction or breast lift, one of the drawbacks has been the inability to restore upper pole fullness (without an implant). Fat transfer now makes this possible and as you can see from the accompanying before and after photos of a breast lift, we have been able to restore some upper pole and cleavage, with fat removed from her tummy.

This is an exciting breakthrough in Plastic Surgery. Fat transfer is revolutionising the options available for breast surgery and I am proud to be offering this in our practice.

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