Labiaplasty has been the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in 2017. Several women have told me how they were self-conscious from the age of puberty when they noticed they were different from their sisters or school mates. The popularity of Brazillian waxing means the enlarged labia are hard to hide along with the discomfort caused by wearing tight underwear or clothes.

More women are choosing to have this procedure performed in the rooms under local anaesthetic. A strong numbing cream is applied first which dampens the sting of the local anaesthetic. After a few seconds the area goes numb and it is not uncommon for my patients to be texting on their phones, whilst I am hard at work!

The procedure takes 30 minutes and most women are back at work within a few days.

To enquire about Labiaplasty, please give Jacqui a call on 1300 087 007.

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