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“I’ve never lacked confidence…but boy, I certainly don’t lack it now!”

Glenys and I have known each other since we were teenagers, which makes us both in our 60’s. Our parents were best friends, so I was honoured when she came to see me for a Facelift. In particular she hated her neck and she thought her face was aging faster than she felt within herself. She had stopped wearing lower necklines and necklaces because she didn’t want anybody focusing on her neck.

Two months after a MACS Facelift, Glenys returned to my office. Her girlfriends are amazed because they are struggling to find the scars. When asked how she felt, she said, “I have never lacked confidence…but boy I certainly don’t lack it now.”

She went on, “This has made me feel so happy within myself. I work with young men and had felt ‘frumpy’. Now I hold my head up high and feel great!”

“I’ve got good legs but have always worn trousers. Do you know that I recently bought a skirt for the first time. I’ve never owned a skirt before!”

When a woman feels good, she feels confident, feminine and sexy…and everybody around her benefits.

Glenys, before and after at 2 months

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