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“You are my fairy god-mother”

I’ve been called many things in the past, including some unrepeatable quotes from my wife, however today was the first time I was called a fairy god-mother. I was seeing my 52-year-old patient, a mother with 2 children, who 7 weeks previously had undergone a bilateral breast reduction. I had removed around half a kilogram of breast tissue from each side.

After both of us laughed, I asked why? “Because you have granted me my wish.” She went on to say that her backache, neck ache and shoulder ache, previously present for 20 years, were now gone. Furthermore, she had noticed that without neck pain, she is no longer clenching the muscles in her jaw. The physical change for her has been dramatic. She has gone from a voluminous F cup bra to a comfortable D cup.

She told me she has been used to “containing her breasts” but now she can wear the “pushing up thing” and for the first time, feels comfortable wearing a fitted jumper.

She was already a highly intelligent, successful business woman and now feels she has so much more confidence.

I am not sure plastic surgeons have the magical powers attributed to fairy god-mothers, but to be able to make a difference such as this in a woman’s life, is an enormous privilege.

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